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Before starting to use the ERP system in OpenERP, get to know the main modules of OpenERP.

Getting to know the main module in the ODOO ERP system

Before starting to use the ERP (ERP) system in Odoo, do you know that Odoo has a core module for you to use? Let's get to know the basic modules in Odoo version 7 first.

1. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) program

           CRM Customer Relationship Management Program Is a program that helps track the best opportunities in sales Can customize the sales cycle as needed Including marketing campaigns In order to increase sales efficiency in the seventh generation, this will be different from previous models, which can clearly indicate the status of sales opportunities with the status bar. When that job Successful failures will have options to choose from. As well as the beauty and many other features

2. Point of sale program

           Point of Sale or POS is a program used to store sales data and payment information that occurs. When selling products or services By facilitating sales Shop product By facilitating the calculation of product prices Calculation of change Discount calculation Cutting the product inventory Receipt printing Barcode reading Including the use of cash drawers with various information These will be used to analyze sales in the Odoo system module. In general, POS will be associated with various technologies or devices such as computers, readers, barcodes, magnetic stripe reading, or bringing together many technologies. In general, the POS system has two main target groups: retail and services such as restaurants, bars and hotels.

3. Project Management Program

        Project Management is a program that is used to manage various project projects in the company. It helps in planning various tasks. Until the end of the project Including analyzing budget usage The costs incurred for each project In this module will include the contract management of that project as well.

4. Accounting and Finance

           Accounting and Finance A program that helps organizations manage various expenses. That happened in the company Both salary The cost of purchasing materials, equipment, vehicles, etc. in this program, in addition to controlling costs Can also track customer and supplier invoices. Customer payment, which forms of payment can be selected in a variety of formats. Accounting and Finance also supports a variety of currencies. Including the Thai currency in Thailand Accounting software is also flexible, can be integrated into your company. Excellent

5. Sales Management Program

           Sales Management is a program that runs from issuing quotations, purchase orders, invoicing. And payment of goods or services payment

6. Inventory management program (Warehouse Management)

           Warehouse Management is an inventory management system. Helps to manage complexities easily. Is a warehouse management Storage location Able to track the movement of products (Products that come in and go out)

7. MRP (Manufacturing) production program

           Production of MRP  Manufacturing ERP systems used to plan and control the supply chain according to individual usage Creating a production schedule For the factory Will use this program to manage the production process

8. Purchase program (Purchase Management)

           Purchase Management is a product management program. Can help track the quotation from the supplier. In addition, you can check the invoice and track the receipt of the order Can handle partial delivery and follow up on unpaid items Deliver products from suppliers

9. Human Resources Management Program (Human Resources)

           Human Resources Human Resource Management Program Help manage human resources such as employee history Work skills, addresses, etc.

10. Social Network Program (Social Network)

           Social Network helps facilitate both internal users (Employees, managers, ....) and people outside the organization (Suppliers, customers, ....) can immediately respond to messages Can group mailers when sending messages, email There will be a warning when there is a message on the screen of the user. In use, it will look like With general email usage

11. Event Management (Events Organization) program

           Events Organization is a program used for recording various activities, descriptions of activities. Planning Sending invitations and subscriptions Registration for event attendance Checking the minimum number of seats / members in the activity In this program can create a type of activity. Specifying conditions such as minimum membership for each activity, start date - end date of activity Any member who receives an invitation to participate in the event will be able to click to confirm from In front of their own program

12. Lunch program (Lunch Orders)

           Lunch Orders Food ordering with suppliers in version 7.0 has been developed to be able to order food on the program with suppliers. In the program, there will be a selection of food items and the desired amount. After that, the program will calculate the price to finish. To add convenience to the program user

13. Car Management Program (Fleet Management)

    Fleet Management Enterprise Vehicle Management

Program Calculate the cost incurred with each car. Fuel cost Shows the number of distances used Shows all the costs incurred to the vehicle, but the vehicle

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